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The Psychology of Closing

From: The desk of JEFFERY COMBS
Author, Speaker & Personal Development Coach

There’s nothing worse than hearing those 5 little words, ‘I WANT TO THINK ABOUT IT,’ when you’ve just finished a sales presentation. Now what?!?

You’ve presented all the benefits and amazing details about your product or service with all the passion that you have for what you are selling. What on Earth could this person have to think about?

The truth is…

Your prospect is not going to think about anything. They are merely providing you with an excuse get out the door without getting out their wallets.

In each and every selling situation something is sold. Either you are selling your goods and services to your prospective client or they are selling you on why they are not buying!

Have you ever heard any of these statements?

  • I’m not interested
  • I need to think about it
  • I need to talk to my spouse about it
  • I don’t have the money

In order to become successful in sales you must learn to overcome these objections with confidence, ask the right questions and satisfy your customer’s needs…

This is called closing the sale!

You can dramatically improve your odds of closing sales by learning a few simple techniques that will assist you in overcoming objections and that make your prospects eager to whip out their wallets to buy.

In 2003 I created a 10-CD training called “The Psychology of Closing” to assist all direct sales, network marketers, and selling professionals with enhancing their law of averages of closing the sale.

Since that time I have sold 10’s of thousands of copies of this training and even the great JIM ROHN used to buy this set from me by the hundreds.

Now for the first time ever this entire 10-CD audio program is being offered in digital streaming and MP3 format, giving you immediate access to this incredibly valuable training.

In this powerful audio program, I teach you the skills that I developed and perfected to create multiple seven-figure income results so that you too can become a Master Closer just like me!

During this training you will learn how to:

    • Master The Art Of Asking
    • Maximize Your Results With Professional 3-Way Call Etiquette
    • Identify And Close The Four Main Personality Types
    • Learn The Skills From A Master Closer
    • Effectively Trial Close To Minimize Objections
    • Operate With A Consistent “Sense Of Urgency”
    • Release Your Fear And Stay In Your Power
    • Neutralize The 5 Most Common Objections To Create Sales Now
    • And Much More…

The Psychology of Closing will give you great insight in how to overcome your anxiety about closing, how to become a master asker, how to understand the power of persuasion, and how to actually ask for that which you deserve.

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The Psychology Of Closing

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