STOP Letting Procrastination Rule Your Life!


Is Procrastination Taking Its Toll on You?

Procrastination takes its toll.  It creates financial challenges, enhances health risks, hinders relationships, and ends careers.

For those of you who have challenges and/or issues with procrastination, my objective is to get your enterprise to a place where you are receiving profit – P-R-O-F-I-T.

I have spent over 15 years studying, implementing and mastering simple principles to release procrastination to create entrepreneurial and personal success. I have personally coached over 6,000 entrepreneurs and devoted over 60,000 hours to coaching.

For the FIRST-TIME ever I am making available one of my most powerful audio programs.

This audio series, Confessions of a Recovering Procrastinator, is my own handbook based on my practical experience, my research, and my committed study on why we procrastinate.  You’ve been able to sample about 10% of this series thus far; imagine what you will accomplish when you complete the entire series?

In this audio series, I will offer specific methods to assist you to release the causes of procrastination so you will live less frequently in the effects of procrastination.  I will provide insight into the six main procrastinator types and their shared commonalities.  Finally, I will present you the techniques and skills to assist you to let go of the events, people, and situations that keep you procrastinating.

You WILL Learn:

  • To identify the cause of your procrastination
  • How to neutralize the feeling of procrastination
  • The six procrastinator personality types
  • How to go from procrastinator to producer
  • How to let go of control

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Confessions of a Recovering Procrastinator
Digital Download and Streaming of the Audio Series
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Jeff has spent over 15 years studying, implementing and mastering simple principles to release procrastination to create entrepreneurial and personal success.

In this audio program Jeffery Combs teaches you the skills to release the feelings that keep you procrastinating.

These are the same skills Jeff has developed and perfected to create multiple seven figure income results so that you can be the person you deserve to be!

Here’s What’s Inside…

That’s Over 10 Hours Of Audio!

Jeff’s Recovering Procrastinator Presentation
Downloadable Powerpoint Presentation
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Almost everyone procrastinates occasionally. Procrastination is delaying a project, task, or intended course of action, despite expecting to feel guilt or shame for the delay.

Jeff’s Recovering Procrastinator Powerpoint Presentation will aid you in beginning to let go of your procrastination and assist you in understanding why you procrastinate.

From Procrastination to Production
Ebook – Written by Jeffery Combs
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In this book, Jeff will personally teach you to master the core principles you require to release procrastination and achieve any goal … and assist you to develop your personal action plan to increase your results and income, create more free time, and allow you to enjoy more fun and less stress!

7 Steps To 7 Figures
Digital Download and Streaming of the Audio Series
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In this audio series Jeff reveals that 7 Figure Results are only Seven Steps Away… The information in this 60 minute audio program is designed to provide you with the seven steps necessary to achieve seven figure results in your life!

Access to Jeffery’s 25 ‘Millionaire Tips’ Videos
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