The Animal Factor: The Monkey

What Did You Learn Just Now About Yourself or Others Around You? (8 comments so far)

  1. That all my animals characters need to be addressed to clearly perform. The monkey is over riding the rest of the zoo.

  2. I have some qualities of the Monkey embedded in my personality style.

  3. I look forward to the understanding the different personality not just the monkey of which part is me at times. And see what the hot button is. Thank you!

  4. I have only watched the intro and I can tell you… I am part monkey. My ego (feelings) gets hurt when people do not like me. I love laughing and making people laugh. My horoscope says I’m the life of the party. I do make decisions based on experience rather than facts for some things and of course my emotional state (which changes) and these decisions drive alot of what I do. That is definitely me. FLIGHTY.

  5. i agree

  6. I learned that a lot of people around me are monkeys and that I am very uncomfortable trying to be one because I am more comfortable earning my stripes and having people notice what I do instead of me having to flash it all over the room. I do not like to talk about myself, I do share personal things but only on a one on one basis and only if it is going to be a good learning lesson for that other person.

  7. Marlene Rogers

    Interesting. While I have flighty tendencies I am detailed and like information. All my decisions are not emotional in nature…at least I hope not.

  8. Olga

    That Monkey are the life of the party, they love attention, they make quick decisions, they switch from job to job, their tend to be actors. They are your best friend if you boost their ego. The are creative.