Change Your Routines

“Simplify your life, throw stuff out, cleanup your desk, garage, office and let go of what you do not require physically and emotionally. When you are complicated and complex you will tend to get overwhelmed easily and procrastinate. By simplifying your life you will create less clutter and live with more ease and flow. My affirmation: Everything I do is Simple.”

– Jeffery Combs


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Simplify your life, throw stuff out, what are you leaving behind? (9 comments so far)

  1. Greg

    I’m enjoying what I’m hearing so far, as for years you just deliver.

  2. dulce barangan

    i know this can be done with a lot of help from people like you. and yes, i need to clear the clutter.

  3. Having so much fun listening to you Jeffery.
    Everything I do is simple!

  4. John Pardee

    I just finished listening to session #4 about the chronic worrier and it sounded exactly like me. I have already started examining why I have trouble getting started or getting re-started on things. Thanks for the help in breaking through.

  5. Robin

    Totally spot on…….and much needed. Am committed to change!

  6. Eugenio Ramgel

    You have noted very interesting details! ps decent web site.

  7. Day 4 REALLY hit home for me!

  8. Phil Ralston

    I have often wondered why I have a hard time getting things done. Now I’m beginning to understand.

  9. I have been helped by Jeffrey’s presentation about procrastination. Am going to study the section on changing my routine to see if I can overcome what is blocking me from taking action every day. I have been very disappointed in my leads generation and my lack of return calls for over 200 leads.
    My goal is to be RSD by Christmas but I will have to do 10 pieces of business to get there. I don’t know if I can do it but I’ve pledged 2 to 3 years to Ameriplan, so I want to succeed. Must change the daily routine. Grateful for Jeffrey’s insights.