The Cost Of Procrastination

“Millionaires don’t procrastinate, millionaires produce. If you procrastinate more than you produce and are ready to let go, you must address the cause that creates the affect.”

– Jeffery Combs


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Millionaires don't procrastinate, millionaires produce! (3 comments so far)

  1. Again…WOW….The is so High, can’t wait to say what the cost of being productive will is….

  2. HA! I have procrastinated listening to the videos and now that I have started I’m finding out so much more about myself than I thought I knew. I’m the rebellious rebel. I procrastinate because I’m concerned about the outcome. How sad is that. I should practice what I preach to my children. By not taking steps you fail. At least if you take the steps and find out it doesn’t work than you know to head in a different direction not quit.

  3. Thanks Jeffery! You nailed it for me. And I am inspired to move my life forward. I highly recommend your program to others. Thank you.