Why Do You Procrastinate?

“Procrastination is an effect and not a cause. If you desire to become a Recovering Procrastinator, it is very important to understand why you do what you do.”

– Jeffery Combs


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  1. David Tilbury

    This is such good teaching and likely needed by a great number of people, myself definitely included. What Jeff says here in video 2 lines up perfectly with what I just read in a devotional this morning from Proverbs 12:11 and 21:5. In fact, most success principles that people teach today can be found in scripture, but we seldom view the Bible as being a success manual for living our lives. Great work Jeff and thanks for putting this needed teaching into an actionable plan.

  2. I feel you are on track.

  3. Jacqueline Fulton

    All I can say is OMG!!! The truth hurts.

  4. With confidence I share Jeffery with everyone of all ages and careers.
    Thank you Jeff!
    I appreciate you!!

  5. Jeffery,

    I love the fact that I get to see you move into the digital world. The quality of this audio is great. For the last 11 months I have put your insight and advice into play everyday and the world as I knew it is gone and the new one is brighter and smoother.

    Thanks for always being in the Game.


  6. Thank you Jeff many of your comments hit home. I look forward to the next session.

  7. Jeffery,
    Thanks for taking the time to remind this recovering procrastinator, and snap me out of dreams and into production again.

  8. Hi Jeffery, Thank you very much for these lessons!! I listened to you on Sunday night on our leadership call with Cieaura.I took copious notes then and had to keep pausing the lesson to take notes as wel. This information is crucial and I am sure it will help with my business as well as my personal life. I appreciate you!! I hope you are planning on being at our convention in Vegas!!

  9. Day 2 wow this is amazing this is me when I listen to this information it is like taking a look in the mirror

  10. Donald

    would like to hear more. good capture page!

  11. Great stuff Jeff, I especially like taking small steps to hit your smalls one at a time. And creating habits to get you moving forwards your goals. I have a friend I think can benefit from this as well.
    Thanks Jeff

  12. Have I told you that your the best!!! My life is forever changed because of coaching with you!