What Is Procrastination?

“Procrastination is an addiction that impacts a large percent of society. To recover from procrastination you must become aware of why you do what you do, address the situation one day at a time and have strong compelling reasons to let go of the causes that create the effect. I am a RECOVERING PROCRASTINATOR!”

– Jeffery Combs


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  1. Loved this Jeffery. You cut right to the chase in a manner that anyone can relate to some way or another. Thanks for explaining clearly why the steps are necessary before the leaps are possible on the road to success.

  2. Tom

    I am enjoying this daily habit of listening to Jeff Combs every day! Thanks for making it so simple to access your audio tapes!

  3. All I can say is WOW!!…Sometimes its good to know that someone else has had the same experience and has overcome it…. I to can overcome. YEAH

    • Thanks for the comment Jacqueline! I know you will enjoy the series!

  4. Marva Dixon

    As usual Jeff, You always bring IT ,,,,what an inspiration you have been in my life….Thanks for all you do….

    • admin

      Thank you for the comment Marva!

  5. Jeffery, Thanks for this opportunity. Looking forward to tomorrow!!!

  6. Greetings Jeffrey,

    When I got your “Open Immediately Free Gift Survey”, I ask of myself ‘what can else can I learn from Jeffrey, after all I have 95% of His and Erica’s material? However, when I opened the survey there it was, my known nemises “Overcoming procrastination and indecision” second form the last topics.

    Jeff I’ve just finished the day #1 installemnt and it has already pointed me in a direction I didn’t consider looking for solutions. Thank you for opening new areas for me to pursue my solutions, and find answers.

  7. Hey there Jeffery!! Love this work you’re doing on procrastination. Just sent you an email. Let’s reconnect….

  8. Donna Abreu

    THANKS Jeffery for making (good old fashioned) audio downloads available for your Recovering Procrastinator course! I am so tired of wasting time on dealing with video files, conversions, and Apple products (iPod, iTunes).

  9. Forrest Hollaway

    Hello Jeff, I look forward to all your information and training. Have a great day…

  10. Jacob Rosenberg

    Liked this so far, looking forward to the full program.

  11. Linda

    You are right on the money, that’s what I’ve been doing, but not anymore.
    thank you so much for opening my eyes.

  12. Sandra Nauditt

    Thank you Jeffery. You are the best! I’m learning so much! I am certainly looking forward to tomorrow! You are an inspiration!!!

  13. Jim McDonald

    I enjoyed the first lesson, and really look forward to learning more through the rest. I realize the only thing that I can change is me, and it’s about time I do.

  14. Shannon

    You are the first person I have heard speak about overcoming procrastination and admitting to not fully being “cured”. That is really refreshing to hear, and it makes me respect you more. I’m currently really struggling in college, and I’m becoming more aware of why I procrastinate. The difficult part is that I’m studying psychology, and I currently am writing a paper on addiction. I have linked commonalities with substance dependence and procrastination. It seems, however, that I have become even more discouraged reading about addiction because I am a “chronic” or “severe” procrastinator, and there is less of a chance for readjusting my behavior. Basically, learning more about the psychology of procrastination has made me sink deeper into it because I am becoming more hopeless for my recovery. I hope that your words over the next 7 days will change that.

  15. Patrick Battle

    So simple, but yet, so insightful! I Absolutely love this!!!

  16. Rockey White

    Jeffery, as with the others I am thankful and am looking forward to the rest of your program.
    Thanks again!

  17. Love the information…Can’t wait to complete this series.

  18. It didn’t come up,.. not working ? I would love to hear it.

    • admin

      Hi Jamie, temporary technical issue. It’s working now.

  19. Ione Hedges

    Very true, thanks Jeff

  20. Chris

    Awesome information I have been a procrastinator my whole adult life now finally I think I can break through the wall that’s been holding me back

    Thanks so much

  21. Marc Kuhnley

    I will listen to anything you have to say Jeffery!!

  22. Thank you so much for sharing this information! Every day, in my head, I want to do sooo much but, procrastinate on stuff because I have TOO much that I am trying to do, therefore getting hardly anything done. I’ve been physically “breaking down” with ailments which I’m sure is just stress because of what I’m doing (or not doing) to myself. I will commit to listening to each lesson each day!

  23. Marc Kuhnley

    Thanks Jeffery, Procrastination is a real addiction which can be over come. See you in March for that slap along the side of the head.

  24. mike rabasco

    makes great sense

  25. Thank you for shutting down the conversations that don’t serve me.

  26. Kim Libby

    Thanks Jeff, you nailed me, Neurotic perfectionist. I always seem to self sabotage myself and in return am VERY disappointed in myself. Looking forward to the next audio, maybe I can finally beat this…

  27. Erin Musgrove

    Makes sense

  28. Kim

    This is just what I needed to hear hit deep within and right to the heart, I believe that was the push to move forward

  29. eugene

    it hits home to me but i find it true.

  30. Yup. Definitely one of my problems. Glad to hear this.

  31. I got your CD’s on this subject in 2010…this is a good review!

  32. Awesome ! Thank you.

  33. Can’t wait to dig into this and I’m not procrastinating, LOL

  34. Michael Davis

    Most of us know what to do, we just think about it instead of doing it.