How To Stop Procrastination

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Jeffery Combs, President and Founder of Golden Mastermind Seminars, Incorporated, delivering a millionaire tip on how to stop procrastination for you before I leave for Buffalo, New York this weekend… and here is my tip for you tonight.

How To Stop Procrastination and Become a Producer

How to stop procrastination

How to stop procrastination

To go from procrastinator to producer you must let go of the chaos, let go of the drama, let go of the emotional and spiritual vampires that suck the life out of you.  When you are in procrastination what happens is your body is in overwhelm mode, it’s an emotion that you deserve to release, take a deep breath and let go.  Now here’s what you focus on. To become a producer you must focus on results, you must focus on connections, collaboration, and most importantly time.

The most valuable commodity of highly productive people is time. Turn time into results, time into connections, time into collaborations, and most importantly turn time into money.

Jeffery Combs with a millionaire tip for you. You deserve to be highly productive, you have a great evening!

No matter how you look at it, procrastination is never a good habit to develop because this can affect both your professional and personal life. Some of the known side effects of procrastination includes stress, feelings of being overwhelmed, resentment, guilt, missed opportunities hectic work hours and so on. Procrastination does leave you with a feeling of hopelessness. How to stop procrastinating? Yes, it is possible to win over procrastination and it is never too late to start now.

Here are some tips on how to stop procrastinating:

  • You have to keep in mind that it is all in the mind. Stress can really take its toll on us, both physically and mentally and one major factor why people procrastinate. So be sure to know when to take a break. Take an hour to give yourself some breathing space and refresh your mind.
  • Sometimes we procrastinate because we are facing a task or obligation that can be very overwhelming. One of the best tips for procrastination is to know how to break large projects and diving them into small chunks. Diving a task or job will help you get a grip of things and things will feel less overwhelming.
  • There are cases where people procrastinate over the same things over and over again. If that is the case, you should learn to set your priorities. Sort all your priorities and do them all in order of importance. Address the issue that contributes greatly to your habits of procrastination.
  • Sometimes people procrastinate because they give themselves excuses to do so. If you want procrastination help, you will need to help yourself first. Don’t give yourself an excuse to put off a task, no matter what the reasons are. Just get to it right away and you will be surprised that some time later, everything is done and taken care of. Crisis averted.
  • Winning over procrastination is sometimes a case of keeping yourself motivated. See to it that you reward yourself for not procrastinating. Even small rewards like a coffee and cookie break can serve as effective motivating factor in order to prevent yourself from procrastinating.

But the first step on how to stop procrastination is to… Admit you have a problem and do something about it today!

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  1. Robb
    6 years ago

    Any change even a change for the better is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts.

  2. Guztavo
    6 years ago

    When you find yourself runinng to the refrigerator every few minutes, or stopping to call a friend, or writing up your shopping list, you know you’re procrastinating! I find that I procrastinate most often when I look at the totality of a project. It may seem daunting, but if I break it down into chunks, and chip away one chunk at a time, then I can get myself started. As a writer it’s easy to procrastinate all that blank space staring at you. One way to break through is to simply start pounding the keys even if it’s gibberish. All of sudden you’ll find your content starting to make sense and you’re off to the races!Jeannette Paladino recently posted..

  3. uksuperiorpapers
    6 years ago

    time is passing us by everyday. I was even procrastinating to leave this comment but your article inspired me to put in my two cents. When I think out procrastination I think of quote I heard by the late prime minister of Israel, Golda Meir. “I must govern the clock, not be governed by it.” So if we procrastinate we just we just give more power to time, which already has enough power. Hence, why taking action very important!